Cardigan Welsh Corgis


Vestavia Dvenitch Ziggy Stardust  "Ziggy"

Born Dec. 12th 2015 working sheep at 9 months.  I do believe he likes this job!!! o add text, images, and other content

                                          Let's Go Herding

Champion Davenitch Chrome Cowgirl, PT,HT


Jessie works sheep and cows. Not only AKC but AHBA










 Jessie had finished her AKC champion title while at only 8 months of age. What to do next? Work sheep! Yes, she truly enjoys working live stock. She has her PT and HT titles. Just this year 2010, she has now two out of the three legs needed for her next title working cows. Very strong girl she is. And truly I believe that my best friend is wonderful to see work live stock.  She might be small, but very powerful!!!



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